Editor, Writer, Speaker, Influencer


  • I’m practicing meditation for about 20 minutes a day to focus on presence and am on track for 120 consistent days.
  • I’m editing a site aimed at CIOs, CMOs and  sales executives called B2B News Network. I don’t think there’s anything else like it. Please subscribe!
  • After leaving Rogers following the sale/end of Marketing magazine, I’ve been rebuilding my content marketing practice, winning back old clients as well as several new ones in technology, marketing and even financial services.
  • Following the success of the 2018 Blockchain Summit which I chaired and helped produce for the Conference Board of Canada, I’m becoming a contributing editor to ThirtyK, an L.A.-based media startup that focuses exclusively on distributed ledger technologies.
  • I’m writing about fashion, food, drinks, music and design. as an editor at large for a men’s magazine, Swagger.
  • I’m developing a course for SkillShare, which I’m hoping to launch this Fall.
  • I’m a content advisor to a startup called CourseCompare, which is empowering Canadians to develop their skills, advance or change careers and pursue new passions.

Updated June 4, 2018.  (inspired by Cameron Conaway, who was in turn inspired by Derek Sivers)






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