• I’m practicing meditation for about 20 minutes a day to focus on presence and achieved 402 consistent days before missing a day while travelling. I’m back at it again.
  • I’m editing a site aimed at CIOs, CMOs and  sales executives called B2B News Network. I don’t think there’s anything else like it. Please subscribe!
  • After leaving Rogers following the sale/end of Marketing magazine, I’ve been rebuilding my content marketing practice, winning back old clients as well as several new ones in technology, marketing and even financial services.
  • I’m writing about fashion, food, drinks, music and design. as an editor at large for a men’s magazine, Swagger.
  • I’m developing a course for SkillShare, which I’m hoping to launch this Spring.
  • I’m a content advisor to a startup called CourseCompare, which is empowering Canadians to develop their skills, advance or change careers and pursue new passions.
  • I am writing formal, metered poetry about what it’s like to live and work as a man in contemporary society and looking for platforms to publish them.

Updated April 15, 2019.  (inspired by Cameron Conaway, who was in turn inspired by Derek Sivers)