• I’m writing and compiling my debut poetry chapbook, about the unique experience of mourning someone who chooses medical assistance in dying, and seeking a publisher.
  • I’m developing a plan to monetize my publication about excellence in customer experience (CX) design, 360 Magazine.
  • I’m writing about fashion and other lifestyle topics for style-concious guys on
  • I’m continuing to serve both large, well-known tech companies as well as emerging or little-known disruptive startups as a content marketer, creating eBooks/guides, whitepapers, blog posts, executive bylines and case studies.
  • I’m trying to grow and lead a Youth Group at All Saint’s Whitby, the local Anglican parish where my wife serves as incumbent priest.

Updated January 13, 2023.  (inspired by Cameron Conaway, who was in turn inspired by Derek Sivers)