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  • I’m developing a new e-mail newsletter I launched this summer aimed at CIOs, CMOs and  sales executives for B2B News Network. Please subscribe!
  • After leaving Rogers following the sale/end of Marketing magazine, I’ve been rebuilding my content marketing practice, winning back old clients as well as several new ones in technology, marketing and even financial services.
  • I’m spreading my wings as a journalist by becoming an editor at large for a men’s magazine, Swagger, where I’m writing about fashion, food, drinks, music and design. Soon I’ll also be writing regularly about sports for the first time (details to come).
  • Although it’s shrouded in mystery, I’m working with a well-known, national non-profit to develop a major conference that will take place next Spring.
  • Along with my wife (who is waaaay ahead of me), I’m trying to learn Italian, because it’s taught at the school our kids attend and we hope to go to Italy someday.
  • At the Church of St. Mary Magdalene‘s, where my wife is the associate priest, I teach Sunday school to nursery-age children (birth to five), trying to help them start a life of faith.

Updated July 22, 2017.  (inspired by Cameron Conaway, who was in turn inspired by Derek Sivers)






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