• I’m developing a print and online publication about excellence in customer experience (CX) design called 360 Magazine. Become a paid member to access exclusive, paywalled content and other benefits.
  • I’ve launched a podcast, The Owned Media Observer, which tries to apply media criticism to the digital magazines and other properties that are produced by brands. Please listen, share and subscribe!
  • I’m writing about fashion, food, drinks, music and design. as an editor at large for a men’s magazine, Swagger and am now running its monthly newsletter. I continue to write about style on my own blog,
  • I’m continuing to serve both large, well-known tech companies as well as emerging or little-known disruptive startups as a content marketer, creating eBooks/guides, whitepapers, blog posts, executive bylines and case studies.
  • I’m developing a portfolio of poetry that I’ve published in literary magazines in North America, Europe and Africa.
  • Like everyone else, I’m trying to survive the pandemic.

Updated Sept. 21, 2020.  (inspired by Cameron Conaway, who was in turn inspired by Derek Sivers)