Content Marketing Services

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Top-of-funnel, Mid-funnel and Sales Enablement Asset Creation: Boost inbound lead generation and conversion via highly relevant, targeted content that appeals across the buyer journey. Content can be customized to the enterprise IT sector, target specific roles such as marketers, or focus on distinct vertical markets (financial services, public sector/government, retail, oil and gas). Includes white papers/eBooks, case studies, testimonials, sales letters, etc.


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Thought Leadership: Use established vehicles for content consumption (online magazines, blogs, videos) as proprietary media properties to engage established customers and prospects across each stage of the buying cycle.


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Event moderation/facilitation: Foster more intimate relationships with technology executives, marketing leaders and other decision makers through live events, roundtable discussions, panels and Webinars.


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Social media campaigns: Create online communities that connect target customers and lead conversations in IT through Twitter chats, ghostwritten or bylined LinkedIn posts, sponsored Instagram posts or takeovers.


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SEO/Writing for the Web: Optimize content for maximum discoverability through search engines with relevant keyword research and processes for continuous improvement in writing and editing.


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