Poetry by Shane Schick

Links to where my work has appeared in literary magazines from the U.S., Canada, the UK and elsewhere


‘Wallflower,’ LEON Literary Review (forthcoming)

‘Counterproductive,’ Invisible City (forthcoming)

‘The Mercies Upon Me,’ Paddler Press (forthcoming)

Poetry Showcase, Fevers of the Mind

A Tiny Exodus,’ Overtly Lit

Goblin Mode,’ The Passionfruit Review (May)

Museum Hours,’ The Lake (April)

When Are You Free,’ JAKE (March)

Earthlings,’ Flying Saucer Poetry Review (February)

Volition’ and ‘NPC,South Florida Poetry Journal (February)

A Life Jacket,’ Trampoline Poetry (January)


Soundtracking,’ Full Mood Mag (December 2022)

Here At Home,’ Karma Comes Before (November 2022)

‘Work Appropriate’ and ‘Station Stop,’ Loch Raven Review (November 2022)

Clasp‘ and ‘More,’ Amethyst Review, (September/Oct 2022)

At the Karavolades Stairs,’ Blue River Review (July 2022)

Mouth Organs,’ Juniper Poetry, (June 2022)

Critical Response,’ Dreams & Nightmares anthology, (May 2022)

Funny As In Ha-Ha,’ ‘Dog People,Moss Puppy (May 2022)

Optics,’ Poets Against Fascism (March 2022)

Assumptions,’ ‘Royalties,’ ‘Trousseau,’ Paddler Press (January 2022)


Remains,’ ONE ART (December 2021)

Wend,’ Stanchion Literary Zine (November 2021

Hot Spot,’ Juke Joint Literary Magazine (December 2021)

Washington Square,’ Scrawl Place (November 2021)

Still, Standing,’ Provenance Journal (October 2021)

Heart, Felt,’ Fevers of Mind (October 2021)

When, Where and How,’ Exstasis Magazine (September 2021)

Low Light,’ Nymphs Journal (September 2021)

Danforth Avenue,South Shore Review (September 2021)

Practice,’ Trouvaille Review (September 2021)

‘Enter Passcode,’ Windows Facing Windows Review (August 2021)

Super Ars Poetica,’ Cardigan Press (Fall 2021)

Oshibana,’ Ample Remains (June 2021)

Viewer Discretion,’ Sledgehammer Lit (June 2021)

Strangers In The Night,’ Full House Literary (June 2021)

Yours, Mine & Ours,’ Miniskirt Magazine, (May 2021)

Cultivars,’ The Aurora Journal (May 2021)

Cohort,’ Sledgehammer Lit (May 2021)

Gepetto,’ The Minison Project (April 2021)

Living Waters,’ Fahmidan Journal (April 2021)

Ever After,’ The Mark Review (April 2021)

Enough,’ Macrina Magazine (April 2021)

Knight, Night,’ Briefly Writes (forthcoming, March 2021)

Hard of Hearing,’ Lighten Up Online (March 2021)

Match, Made,’ Dwelling Literary (February 2021)

Doormat,’ Open Door Poetry, (February 2021)

Pep Talk,’ Hope: An Anthology, TL:DR Press, (January 2021)

Same But Different,’ Analogies & Allegories (January 2021)

In Flanders Revealed,’ The Daily Drunk (January 2021)

Someone Has My Sweatpants,’ Skyway Journal (January 2021)

On Earth, As It Is,’ Gossamer Lit (January 2021)


On Ice,’ Red Adler Review (December 2020)

Hollywood Ending’ and ”Fair, and Square,’ Tunafish Journal (December 2020)

DIY,’ Kingz Daily (December 2020)

After The Bath,’ ‘National Interest’ and ‘Mountain Forms,’ WriteNowLit (December 2020)

Man To Man,’ Safe & Sound Press (November 2020)

Early Riser,’ The Wondrous Real (October 2020)

Shuffle Tutorial,’ ‘Remote Worker, ‘Blurb,’ ‘Beach Bodies‘, Fully Lit, September 2020

Echoes,’ Poetry & Covid, August 2020

Behind: The Scenes,’ Grand Little Things, July 2020

A Hot Minute,’ Neologism Poetry Journal, July 2020

Grace Period,’ Shrapnel Magazine, July, 2020